Last Week — 23

2. The idea of dragons might be from dinosaurs fossils that medieval people dug out. The idea of extinction didn’t exist then.

3. One more addition to must watch found footage movies — Cloverfield(2008).

4. “Gemini Man” sucked big time. Plot drives other aspects of filmmaking such as 120 fps not other way round.

5. Made one list of kannada empires ( empires that patronized kannada literature)

a. Chutu dynasty

b. Kadambas

c.Western Ganga

d. Chalukyas

e. Rastrakutas

f.Western Chalukyas


h.Vijayanagar empire

6. Captured the great conjecture. You can see it on a little right from the middle.

7. 22° halo on the moon.




The work which becomes a new genre itself

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Akshay Shetty

Akshay Shetty

The work which becomes a new genre itself

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