Last Week — 3

  1. Started with “Samurai Champloo” , a very different experience than Cowboy Bebop. Looks interesting and you can see some similarities between the groups of characters from the shows.
  2. Wikipedia pages on Indian celebrities and obscure topics need a lot of reviewers and moderations. The sources of information are very questionable and the quality is very bad.
  3. Netflix purchased rights to a nosleep story . I read the 5-part story and I must say it is quite the story with suspense , horror and for many parts heart warming.

5. The nosleep community has regularly published some amazing stories . Here are some that you might like

  1. Borrasca
  2. The forest of a thousand legs
  3. Third parent
  4. Room 733
  5. Left/Right Game




The work which becomes a new genre itself

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Akshay Shetty

Akshay Shetty

The work which becomes a new genre itself

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